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attestation de la Vie

I am a Brit living in Cambodia. so forgive my using English as my written French is no good. I worked 20 years in France . I sent an authorised Attestation de Vie's to the following. CARSAT Lyon, ARRCO Paris, KLESIA, Paris. from Cambodia and via a friend in France. 4 times this has been done and yet my entire pension has been suspended. I really do not understand this attitude. I am member of all three websites yet cannot receive a human response and despite calling different robot answering machines sending mails I have had NO response. My very meager pension and the deep countryside where I live (400 km from the capital), do not permit me to do anything but eat simple food, Waiting for 20 minutes to speak to a human on the phone for no result is not a luxury I can afford. Now my only means of support has been taken from me because I am considered Dead. Why do you not use the internet email, or Face Book to check if a retiree is alive or not? It would be cheaper and faster? and safer for all concerned. Perhaps those who designed your websites could add a direct link for that purpose. It would help a lot don't you think?
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